For us at Sree Nakshatra Projects and Developers Pvt. Ltd building a home means much more than justerecting a living space. We offer our customers a wide range of customized housing solutions where every project is a labor of love.


Every home that we build is backed by the state of the art engineering,an abiding commitment to aesthetics and taking into consideration the lifestyle imperatives of our clients. This ensures that every project is customized to specific individual requirements. The emphasis on customer satisfaction has seen the rapid growth of the company within a short span of time.


Operating out of a corporate office in Thiruvananthapuram,our team of highly experienced professionals in every aspect of construction workflow willexecute projects from the drawing board to completion with commitment to delivery schedules. Every aspect of a Sree Nakshatra project is an investment in fine living. Starting from the choice of locations, the architecture and the quality of materials used in construction then the amenities each component has been tested for reliability and exudes good taste.


Sree Nakshatra projects are also excellent investment opportunities that are certain to appreciate over time. More so in the current economic scenario that has seen realty values plummeting across the board. So go ahead, this is an opportune moment to invest in a property that will endure in value and provide a secure and aesthetic lifestyle for our investors. After all for us at Sree Nakshatra, the passion for excellence has always resulted in perfection.